Outplacement at Career Navigation is a proactive, hands-on and practical career coaching service.

It works because it helps individuals define for themselves their personal goals and how to re-enter the job market effectively and professionally with all the skills and techniques required to be successful. The service is centred on giving personal consulting and coaching, motivation and emotional support wherever and whenever the individual needs it most.

We energise people and help them to regain control and take the initiative over their future direction.

Career Navigation consultants are experts in their field and all have held positions of responsibility in commerce and industry. They have ‘been there and done it’. Some have been made redundant themselves in their careers and have personal experience of the process. This places them in a special position when developing rapport and empathy with their clients.

Uniquely, Career Navigation consultants are available to provide support on a 7-day basis wherever and whenever their clients require it. Our network of career coaches operates all over the country and are able to help find career and living solutions as well as jobs -whatever the location. With their local knowledge and expertise, you can be assured that your employees are in excellent hands while they are searching for work.

As experts in corporate outplacement and career management services, we help people to take charge of their careers. Organisations ask us to work with people at all levels and we go out of our way to meet their career needs, whether they are executives working one-to-one or people taking part in one of our group programmes.

The Career Navigation™ suite of services include:

  • The full range of 1:1 outplacement services ranging from our foundation programme to unlimited access executive programmes
  • Group programmes, on-site clinics and workshops
  • Career restart and back to work programmes

Available as standard:

  • Fully tailored to meet the needs of the individual
  • Wherever and whenever they need it
  • Delivered in a proactive, hands-on and contemporary style
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